Is time travel possible?

timetravelIs time travel possible? Perhaps. But here’s a thought: we always assume that if we could travel in time, we’d be our current self, visiting our younger self in the past or the older self in the future.

What if that’s not how it works? What if as we travel to the past or to the future, our age, our thoughts, our knowledge and memories adjust accordingly?

So that if we went back to say, the fifth grade, we’d be ten years old, with the thoughts and memories of our ten year-old self and no knowledge of our current time, or as we’d think of it then, ‘the future’.

Similarly, if went to the future, we’d be older and have the memories of our current time as ‘the past’.

If this theory is correct, here’s a real conundrum: how do we know that our current time, as we think of it now, is not either our past or our future that we happen to be visiting temporarily?

The mystics always said, and the quantum physicists seem to agree, that time is not linear but happens simultaneously.

This means that we are simultaneously our ten year-old self and our sixty year-old self. And everything in between and outside.

Add to this the multiple dimensions in which we exist simultaneously and things becomes real complicated real fast…

What do you think?

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