FPA for Corporations

The FPA Methodology can help focus your entire organization to achieve better results across the business using existing resources. It can help you:

1. Establish absolute clarity about what needs to be done
2. Come up with strategies on how to deal with problems
3. Implement systems for dealing with recurring issues
4. Step-by-step tactical planning to implement initiatives
5. Ensure robust execution of plans on the ground
6. Stay focused and ‘on target’ until successful completion

The FPA Methodology helps organizations achieve outstanding results through
Clarity, Planning, Focus and Systems


Creating organizational clarity is an essential element in achieving business success.

Understanding how the objectives of each individual role fit into the larger organizational objectives and the impact they have on the overall organizational performance is a key step in achieving organizational clarity.

The more clearly employees understand their own mission and goals as well as those of the entire organization, the more informed and prepared they are to make the decisions that are in the best interest of the organization.

Moreover, research shows that keeping personal values and vision of the key employees aligned with the vision and values of the organization is imperative for sustainable and lasting success.

We will help you achieve Organizational Clarity
We will help each employee become crystal clear on the objectives and outcomes of their role and how their contribution affects the achievement of the organizational objectives.
We will help align the goals and ambitions of individuals with the goals and objectives of your organization.


The advantages of planning have long been recognized by organizations and are usually implemented fairly well at the upper management level.

A truly robust organization is one where employees at all levels don’t waste time on deciding what to do next or take many unnecessary, unfocused and inefficient steps.

Successful organizations encourage their employees, regardless of role or station, to ‘budget’ their time, plan all activities in advance, measure their progress and strive to achieve more.

The cumulative effect of the strategic and tactical planning at all levels produces a significant competitive advantage and ultimately determines the success of the organization.

We will help implement the Culture of Strategic and Tactical Planning throughout your organization
We will help all your employees adopt the ‘no surprises’¬†attitude and encourage them to diligently anticipate, plan and prepare for any outcome applicable to their individual role or a business function.


Focus, in the organizational context, is about identifying the activities that are crucial for the health and prosperity of the organization.

It is about the discipline of always completing the high-value tasks before all others.

It is about recovering quickly from disruptions and emergencies and getting right back to those high-value tasks.

The organization’s ability to stay focused is comprised of the focus-ability of its employees.

We will help you focus your entire organization
We will work with your employees to help identify the high-value tasks and prioritize all their activities.
We will help you set up systems that assist your employees in concentrating their attention, energy and resources on the most important activities.


Systems can be defined as the processes, procedures and the way day-to-day business is conducted within an organization. The more formalized these processes and procedures, the more robust is the organization.

Great systems give organizations the ability to tackle any challenges that arise with unwavering focus and consistency.

Systems make organizations less vulnerable and less dependent on the knowledge and skills of individual employees.

Systems help increase productivity, improve the quality of products and services and have a tremendous impact on the overall wellbeing of the organization.

We will help you systematize your entire organization
We will help you institute systems thinking and develop systemic approach to all challenges throughout your entire organization. We will help you create strategies to deal with recurring issues and eliminate wasteful activities.

Risk-free Engagements

We recognize that when engaging consultants, organizations are mindful of the true value such engagements provide and the potential for wasted time and effort.

Our utmost confidence in our services is backed by a 100% money back guarantee:
If upon completion the client does not believe the engagement was worthwhile, we will pay back all the fees we’ve charged.

In addition, we offer each new client to sample our work for free by testing it out with one person in their organization.

This offer carries no ties or obligations so why not give us a try today?

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