FPA for Sole Traders


If you are a Sole Trader – a one-person company, running your own business,
the FPA Bootcamp for Sole Traders will help you to:

1. Create work/life balance: we, sole traders, wear many hats simultaneously and have a difficult time separating personal time from work. As a result, we often bring our work home with us, which puts a strain on our health and our relationships. The FPA Bootcamp will help you create clear boundaries between work and home and maintain a healthy balance between the two.

2. Plan and prioritize your activities: as Solepreneurs we often have multiple interests and have several projects/business ideas on the go at the same time. Juggling these projects can become rather chaotic and unproductive. The FPA Bootcamp will help you create and maintain a practice of meticulously thinking through, planning and prioritizing everything you do. This way you can work on your other projects without compromising your core business.

3. Get organized and focus on your most important tasks: a side effect of wearing many hats is that we often jump between tasks without rhyme or reason, simply responding to events, opportunities, other people’s priorities and various other interruptions. The FPA Bootcamp will help you minimize the impact of these interruptions and stick to your priorities.

4. Become accountable for the outcomes: as sole traders, we are only answerable to ourselves. And although that’s generally one of the main reasons why we become sole traders, a measure of accountability to your FPA Bootcamp facilitator will lead to much higher productivity and better results, faster.

5. Achieve a higher level of income: The above activities in themselves will precipitate an almost immediate increase to your bottom line. In addition, the FPA Bootcamp will focus you on sales activities in order to create a sustainable base for everything else you do.

6. Use your website and social media to generate leads: simply having a presence online is not enough – there is a science and an art to using your website and social media as a sales tool. The FPA Bootcamp will help you create a process and a long-term strategy for generating leads and actively marketing your products and services on the Internet.

The Bootcamp is led by a live facilitator – me :-).Alik_Barsegian_LN
My name is Alik Barsegian and I work as a Management Consultant, helping large organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals through clarity, planning and focus.

My corporate experience has led me to create the Focus, Plan, Achieve system (for myself, initially), which I use in everything I do, and which I now offer to other people to help them focus and achieve outstanding results in their own ventures.

My job, as a Facilitator of the bootcamp, is to provide structure and direction, answer questions and offer feedback throughout the process.

Communication between us will occur through a secure private forum, dedicated exclusively to you, and accessible only by you and me.

At the beginning of the bootcamp I will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your privacy.

This is a self-paced bootcamp, designed so to allow you the freedom of working through it a little at a time or all at once, depending on your availability.

You can take as long as you need to complete each step and are free to progress through the bootcamp at your own pace. To facilitate this freedom, the bootcamp is provided as a monthly subscription service.

the current monthly subscription fee is AU$465.00 only AU$299.00


The monthly subscription entitles you to a 1 hour of face-to-face contact with me on Skype and unlimited email and forum posts communications.

There are no obligations – you can cancel at any time.

I offer unconditional money back guarantee: if you think your investment was not worth it, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

It will be my privilege to facilitate and help you make your business a great success!
The only commitment I ask for is to yourself and to your business!

Let’s get started!