FPA for Individuals


Achieving dreams is not easy. There are no shortcuts or magic formulas to get you there quickly and painlessly – life just doesn’t work that way.

It is only by working hard and doing the things that are difficult that we have an opportunity to advance, grow and manifest outstanding results.

life rewards motivation, resolve and single-mindedness of purpose

If you’re not achieving your dreams, most likely it is because you are not focused, you are too vague about what you want or simply not disciplined enough.

You are probably letting your life manage you, instead of the other way around. You react to what happens, instead of making things happen.

The FPA Methodology provides the most comprehensive LIFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and a detailed PRODUCTIVITY AND PERFORMANCE FRAMEWORK designed to help you take charge and manage your life with volition.

To see what the FPA Methodology can do for you, choose one of the Achievement Lenses below:

Create Your Personal Life Plan

To take charge of your life you need to become proactive and begin to consciously and deliberately steer it in the right direction. In this workshop you will write out every detail of the life you want to have. You will create concrete and manageable action plans We’ll help and support you in making those plans a reality. Read more here…

Build Better Relationships

If you want better relationships, you have to change your approach. In this workshop you will examine your relationships and decide how you would like them to be. You will determine what you need to learn and start doing differently. You will create action plans and set goals. We will help and support you, provide advice and feedback. Read more here…

Envisage Your Life’s Work

If you want to get your head around what your purpose and reason for being on Earth is; if you ever wondered what you will leave to future generations and what you will be remembered for, this is the workshop that will help you figure it all out. And we will help you become structured, deliberate and disciplined about it. Read more here…

Manage A Personal or a Community Project

Whether you’re extending your house, creating a new app or helping restore a neighbourhood landmark, a formal approach will ensure that your project will get completed and achieve exactly what was required. We will help you focus, plan and execute, keep you motivated and moving forward. Read more here…

Grow Your Personal Wealth

Growing your wealth is not just about making more money. An accidental windfall will not make you a wealthy person – not necessarily. If you want to establish a healthy relationship with money, learn to make it flow and multiply, become someone who attracts money no matter what, then this workshop is for you. Read more here…

Re-discover Your SELF

Have you ever looked at the entirety of yourself from a higher vantage point? Have you ever spread the content of your mind in front of you like a map and considered it as a whole? Understanding yourself, developing self-compassion and true self-respect are key to a happy life. Read more here…

Achieve Your Career Goals Faster

Do you have a vision of what you would like to achieve in your professional life? How will you get there? By when? This workshop will help you get the answers to these questions and map out a path to the achievement of your goals. Your career is like a river – you can just float down it or you can paddle and get there faster  Read more here…