A Soul Cleansing Experience

wpid-jpegIt’s an audio program that I put together from my most favourite choral and instrumental spiritual music collection. I called it A Soul Cleansing Experience.

Cleansing your Soul is a metaphor for purifying your vibration.
The purification is achieved by switching off the thinking mind and becoming one with the purity and the harmony of the sound.

This audio program is composed of some of the most beautiful choral and instrumental spiritual music on Earth.
All music heals and elevates but nothing touches the soul like the voices of people crying out to God, begging for help, for mercy, for forgiveness.

You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to love it – this music is universal.
When we’re feeling angry and frustrated, it soothes and comforts us.
When we’re feeling sad, it makes us appreciate the grandness and the depth of the life experience.
When we’re feeling happy, it fills our hearts with gratitude and awe of Creation and our place in it.

The pieces of this program come mainly from the Gregorian and Orthodox traditions of Christianity.
Despite that, the program has nothing to do with religion.

The purpose of the program is to help you slow down and become more attuned to the frequency of pure vibration.
It will de-stress, re-energize and purify your soul.
And if you don’t believe in any of that stuff, at the very least, it will acquaint you with musical traditions which you may not have previously been exposed to.

These pieces have been painstakingly collected over hundreds of hours of sifting through vast online repositories.
They are arranged in a specific order, designed to help you gradually relax and quiet your mind.
Only in a quiet state of mind will you get an opportunity to truly appreciate the power and the splendor of spiritual music.

Make sure you won’t get interrupted during the entire hour – turn off the phones, lock the doors, dim the lights and get comfortable.

For best results, it is essential to use a real good quality audio system or quality headphones.

If you wish to stream the program from the net, you’ll find it here:

I hope you have a truly Soul Cleansing Experience,


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