Should the Internet be regulated?

InternetRegulationThe idea of the Internet as a free medium, naturally developing without interference from governmental and regulatory bodies is falsely seductive.

Sure, if we were all good citizens and treated each other with honesty and respect, there would be little need for governance and regulation. If we could live without imposing our views and values on others, if we could amiably resolve our disagreements, then perhaps we could afford to have a free and organically developing international forum.

The reality is that we live in the world where any medium, any environment that has no rules, regulations, laws and law enforcement is quickly overrun by the dark side of the human nature.

The freedom of the Internet does not lie in the lack of governance and regulation, but as within any democratic environment, it lies in the balance of conservative and liberal forces that shape its growth and development.

The problem is that whilst the governments of the world play the conservative role, trying to bridle, regulate and control, there is no counter force that would keep them in check, challenge them, confront them and balance them out.

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