Lest we forget…

Ancestrial-Healing_Humanity-HealingCountless billions of people have lived on this Earth before us throughout the millennia.
Many made it to the forefront of the history – some good and some bad, but most people have come and gone relatively unnoticed.

Among those who have not made it to the annals of history, there must have been people who committed heroic sacrifices for the benefit of their fellow humans – sacrifices we have no way of knowing about and no way of acknowledging.

Today too, there are many people in this world who make it a better place for everyone.
Day by day, one good deed at a time, these people sometimes dedicate their entire lives to serving the humanity in humble ways.

We almost never notice or acknowledge them either.

Good deeds are quickly forgotten. Instead, we focus our energies on remembering those who do us ill.
Sometimes, we dedicate our entire lives to getting back at those who trespassed against us.

And yet we spend little time in thinking of how to honor those who made and continue to make sacrifices for us.

So what could we do to acknowledge and thank these unsung heroes?
What could we do to thank them properly?

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