Where Am I Wrong?

3D Street ArtWhere am I wrong?

We don’t like to think that we are ever wrong about anything but logic tells us that it is a statistical inevitability that we must be wrong some time, in some things.

Actually, if we managed to go behind our ego’s back and take an objective look at ourselves, we’d realize that we’re wrong far more often than we think.

The problem is that we routinely mistake our opinions for the Truth. Fact is, however, that in most cases, our views are based on insufficient information and lack of understanding of the complexities involved.

Realizing that we might be wrong, or that other people’s opinions may be equally right, is the beginning of wisdom, compassion and tolerance.

To take a serious look at your convictions, views and attitudes, consider the Get To Know Your Authentic Self workshop.

In the meantime, make a habit of beginning your sentences with ‘from what I know..’, ‘based on the information I have…’, ‘it is possible that…’.

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