Do you service and defragment your mind?

mindservice1Why would I need servicing and defragmenting, I hear you ask?

Well, when you service your car it works better and serves you longer, right?

And when you defragment your computer it works faster and performs better, correct?

So, if you want to achieve these same benefits for yourself, doesn’t it stand to reason that you should service and defragment your mind?

How to do that? You have to write everything down. Quite literally, just sit and write down everything that’s in your mind.

Don’t give up until you’ve squeezed everything out. Everything!
I know this sounds daunting and perhaps unachievable, but it’s not – I have a process I can share with you.

Once done, you’ll be able to look at the whole thing as a map of your mind.
You’ll be able to structure and prioritize the various parts of your life, and in doing so free your mind from having to hold and re-shuffle all the cards, all the time. You’ll feel unburdened and be able to enjoy your life more.

So if you want to get that mind squeaky clean and running like clockwork, take the Defragment Your Mind online workshop.

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