Am I perfect?

Man looking at reflection in window

Weird question, I know, but it is a perspective shifter.

Every time you find yourself angry at someone or something it is because they (it) did not live up to your expectations. Problem is that in many cases our expectations of others are both unrealistic and unfair.
Reminding yourself that you’re not perfect and that you’re simply doing your best can help you relate to the lack of perfection in other people and other things.
Yesterday I was driving somewhere, following the instructions of my phone GPS, which took me waaaay off course and made me ten minutes late.
I started to get angry with the GPS software and its provider but then it occurred to me: what about all those times when it worked perfectly and steered me right?
Was it reasonable of me to demand perfection and focus on the failure? The answer is of course not.
I screw up sometimes and I’d like to think that others will be understanding and forgiving towards me and will choose to focus on all the things that I do well.
So I choose to focus on the positive and the good in others, and you know what, it makes my life much easier. It will work for you, too, I promise.
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