What can I throw away?

Want to make your life easier? Have fewer things to worry about? Be more at peace and feel happier? That’s easy – just unclutter your life.

Here’s how: clear your environment of all unnecessary things: stuff, relationships, ideas, projects, and everything else you possibly can get rid of.

Stuff is easy: just chuck everything you’re not using right now and not going to use in the next six months.
Be ruthless, allow for no exceptions. If you ever need it again you’ll have an opportunity to buy a better, more up to date version.
Start with your desk, then move on to your room/office/garage/house/storage unit, etc. Empty, throw, donate – whatever – just get rid of it.

Ideas and pet projects are harder to let go of, but the trick there is to write everything down – commit all your thoughts about them to paper or a computer file. That will allow you to safely ‘shelve’ your ideas and projects until you have time for them again.

Relationships are trickier to let go of. Think of a relationship and evaluate it in terms of energy: is it costing you energy or are you getting energy from it? If something is draining your energy, visualize cutting the cord, sending it love, and letting it go. You might need to do this several times, as draining relationships tend to re-establish themselves.

So, finally we come to the practical tip: if you have a weekly plan or a to-do list, put the following question on it: what one thing can I eliminate or throw away this week? Saturday morning is the perfect time to contemplate this question, then ACT ON IT.

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