Understand the nature of business

yin-yangEverything in the Universe can be reduced to the two basic forces – expansion and contraction. Working together (against each other, but together) they allow for movement or flow to occur.

Next time you extend your arm to pick up something, consider the forces involved: some muscles expand, others contract and by controlling this tension you are able to move your arm.

In business the two forces are manifested through Money and Purpose. Money without purpose will not get you anywhere, same as with purpose without money.

Many people try to make money for reasons that don’t matter, or at least matter only to them. This has proven to be an unsuccessful long-term strategy.

There are also plenty of those who are all about purpose, but have a poor relationship with money. These people don’t last long either, for obvious reasons.

The strategy that has proven effective is the byplay of Money and Purpose, either one pushing or giving way when needed, being flexible but always remembering that one cannot be without the other.

So when you structure your business – be that a start-up or an established corporation – always make sure the two sides are represented evenly. In your management team, in your strategic plans, in your public relations, etc.

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