Thou shalt not crowdfund!

crowdfundingThis one is more of a commandment than a tip, but I see so many start-ups rushing into crowdfunding, putting in loads of time and effort only to sit there and listen to the wind blowing across their empty crowdfunding page.

Here’s the tip: do not start a crowdfunding campaign until you have a an army of loyal supporters wanting and loving your product! Please don’t!

Contrary to the popular thinking, there aren’t too many people out there who are looking for great projects to support. It may have been so back when crowdfunding was new, but no longer.

Do not start a crowdfunding campaign until it is at least 75% funded. If some strangers are to stumble upon your page, decide it’s a great idea and give you some money, they would have to see that you have a large following and already are almost at your goal.

If you are wondering about how to get a large following and 75% funding BEFORE your crowdfunding campaign, take the FPA Bootcamp for Start-ups workshop.

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