First, ask yourself how bad you want it

successWhether you are already working on a start-up business venture or simply considering one, you are able from the very beginning to tell how successful it will be.

It is quite simple: the success of your venture – any venture – is in direct proportion to how badly you want it to succeed.

Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, notwithstanding a number of other necessary conditions, your desire for success is the deciding factor.

If your attitude is lukewarm; if you could take it or leave it; if you have other priorities and can only dedicate a portion of your time, your results will be lukewarm, at best.

On the other hand, if you live and breathe it, if you are prepared to sacrifice your comfort, financial security and any sense of certainty about the future, your chances of success are very high.

The reason why I’m publishing this tip is that I’ve encountered many people who had worked on business ventures but never got anywhere with them, or at least didn’t get far. The common denominator for their lack of success was the lack of real drive behind their ideas.

Despite the initial enthusiasm, despite the adequate knowledge, skills, funding and support, the lack of burning desire to succeed inevitably lead to the demise of the venture.

Conversely, the ventures that do succeed are those where the founders have unwavering focus, drive and tenacity.

Having a worthy Mission and Purpose is the way to go about any business venture. Or any venture at all. That’s why all FocusPlanAchieve Bootcamps start with the defining of the Mission, the Vision and the reason for doing whatever it is you are¬†wanting to do, because these are the things that determine how bad you really want to succeed.

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