What are you going to sell them next?

whats-nextIt is a well-known fact that it’s much easier to sell to someone who bought from you in the past than to acquire a new customer (provided, of course, that you did a good job the first time).

So if a customer walks out with a purchase and you have not provided an incentive for them to buy something else, you’ve wasted a valuable opportunity.

Like a good chess player, you must think several moves ahead and have several further stages of offerings ready for anyone who ever buys anything from you.

Even when you run out of things to sell them, set up an arrangement with another businesses that sell complimenting services or products and refer your customers to them.

This applies to you, regardless of what you do and who you are: a retailer, a trades person, an accountant, a CEO or a school teacher. You must always have an answer to the question “what are you going to sell them next?”.

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