Align your perception with that of your employees

workplace1Would you say that your company is a great place to work, where people trust the management, appreciate their colleagues, and have pride in what they do?

Now, if you asked your employees this same question, how would they answer it?

It is quite possible that the way you see your company and the way your employees see it are not the same. So why not actually ask them?

Create an anonymous poll and see what they have to say. If you don’t like their answers, you’ve got some work to do in creating an environment where people feel valued as individuals and appreciated for their contribution.

You’ll need to start by asking your employees for some feedback regarding how you can lead them better and then make some real changes, until your employees begin to view the company in the same light as you are.

And if you’d like some help with it, I can assist through the use of my Focus, Plan, Achieve methodology. Check it out here:

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