Understand your employer

buyerIn sales they say that understanding the buyer is the key to being a strong seller. This is true no matter what you do.

When you’re an employee, your ‘buyer’ is your employer.¬†More specifically, your boss or bosses.

You might think that since you’ve sold yourself once at the job interview that that is it, but then you’ll be sitting there worrying your buns off about downsizing, the economy, office politics, etc.

The key to transcending that is seeing yourself as self-employed. You are the product, the manufacturer and the sales person. And as a sales person, you really need to understand your buyer.

When you get what your buyer really needs from you, you’ll be able to cater your manufacturing process to fit that need better.

You can be reactive or proactive about your career, you can wait for things to come to you or you can go after them yourself – your choice.

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