Never ask ‘Why?’

why-and-howIn management, ‘why’ is a dirty word.

Avoid asking ‘why?’ at all costs – it only leads to blaming, shaming, finger pointing and lies.

Get straight to the point by asking ‘how?’.

Instead of asking ‘Why haven’t you completed your task?’ ask ‘How can we ensure you complete your tasks on time in future?’

Not ‘Why are the sales figures down?’ but ‘How can we increase our sales and keep them growing?’

Because that’s what you ultimately want so don’t get bogged down in ‘why’.

Not ‘Why am I still a (insert your title here)?’ but ‘how can I achieve my career goals faster?’.

Incidentally, the answer to that last question is: take the Achieve Your Career Goals Faster workshop. 😉

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