Thou Shalt Not Multitask

multitaskingThou shalt not multitask.

I know that many people out there pride themselves on their ability to multi-task.

It’s a great ability to have during emergencies but if you are constantly multitasking you’re not doing any of the tasks as well as you would if you focused on them one at a time.

Nor do you save any time at all by multitasking. In fact, things take much longer to accomplish because of the constant starts and stops.

You might enjoy the warzone atmosphere, having to constantly put out fires, deliver projects just before deadlines, etc., but it does no good to your productivity or effectiveness.

Do one thing at a time. Do them slowly, deliberately, giving them your full attention. Allow some space between your tasks. Slow and steady wins the race.

If your job is erratic and stressful, there are always things you can do to mitigate that and if you need some help with it, I offer it through the Achieve Your Career Goals Faster workshop.

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