You Can Learn To Be Positive

Are you a positive person? Most people believe that they are, but ask their colleagues or friends and you get eye rolls in return.

Being a positive person is not about always being cheerful and upbeat. It’s about the ability to focus on the positive aspects of any given situation.

Let’s face it – shit happens, and it happens often, but focusing on it, bitching and moaning is not helpful. It brings you and everyone around you down, and it inhibits your ability to deal with problems effectively.

I’m not saying you should ignore the shit, I’m just saying don’t focus on it.
Deal with the negative, but be focused on the positive.

For example, if your competition outperforms you – by all means review your processes, see what you need to improve, but do that while having your eyes set on the next goal.
Instead of lamenting what’s lost, get excited about what’s to come.

If an economic crisis strikes, you deal with the downfall, but you FOCUS on the opportunity to optimize your business, restructure, streamline, and get back into the game with renewed energy and drive.

Positivity isn’t innate – it is a developed skill. You too can become a positive person, if you work on it.

The easiest way to learn positivity is to seek opportunities to provide POSITIVE feedback.
Practice on your colleagues, your family, even the coffee shop people who serve you your breakfast. You’d like others to notice it when you’re doing things well and praise you for it, wouldn’t you? So would everyone else.

Starting today, for every person you come in contact with, find something they do well, and tell them you’ve noticed.
Even if you have to reprimand them for something, find something else to praise them for.

Positive people are universally liked, even when they make tough decisions. Being perceived as a positive person will turbo-charge your career prospects.

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