Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Workshop

You ARE a great decision maker and a creative problem solver!

You may feel like you don’t have any special talent or that you lack creativity, but the truth is that you’ve always had it in you. This workshop will help you get more in tune with this fantastic trait of your character.

The tools and methods that you will learn are universal and applicable to both simple and complex problems. They will help you find original and creative solutions to whatever problems you may have.

This light-hearted and entertaining workshop will demonstrate to you how systematic approach to the five stages of problem solving can lead you to a solution you may never have considered otherwise.

The five stages of problem solving are:

  • The definition of the problem
  • Information gathering
  • Enlisting the possible solutions
  • Analysis & Evaluation
  • Creating and Executing Action Plans

This workshop is led by Alik Barsegian – the creator of the Focus, Plan & Achieve methodology.

Alik is a performance improvement specialist who works as a consultant and a coach, helping individuals and organizations achieve outstanding results through clarity, planning and focus.

Alik will walk you through the process, help you brainstorm ideas and provide feedback and encouragement.

This two-hours workshop includes group activities and the group size is kept small.

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