Business Planning Intensive Workshop

Would you like to get a better grasp on how you are going to make your business succeed?

Do you feel you need to step back, review your activities and reassess your priorities?

Do you wish to get more organised, structured and disciplined?

To help you stay at the top of your game,  Focus Plan Achieve brings you the Business Planning Intensive Workshop.

With everything that life throws at us, it is easy to get distracted, side-tracked or get stuck in meaningless activities and allow your plans to fizzle out.

In this intensive, hands-on workshop you will:

  • Think through and formally define the mission and the vision for your business
  • Take stock of where you’re at and create a plan for moving forward
  • Create an Executive Summary for a formal business plan – one you can further develop to obtain investment or stakeholder buy-in.

You will walk away with more clarity, a better sense of direction and purpose, and importantly, a renewed determination to succeed!

This special workshop is led by Alik Barsegian – the creator of the Focus, Plan & Achieve methodology.

Alik is a performance improvement specialist who works as a consultant and a coach, helping individuals and organizations achieve outstanding results through clarity, planning and focus.

Alik will walk you through the process, help you brainstorm ideas and provide feedback and encouragement.

This three-hours workshop includes one-on-one support for each participant and the group size is kept small.

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