Example Goal

Name: Alik Barsegian

Goal:  Attain optimal physical shape

Goal Description:
By physical shape I mean both the way I look and my level of fitness.
The optimal physical shape (for my age and body type) would include:

1) Losing all excess fat, particularly from the waist area and from the butt and thighs.
2) Building up the muscles of the chest and the back so as to increase the breadth of shoulders
3) Building up the calf muscles to get rid of ‘chicken legs’
4) Obtaining a ‘ripped’ look
5) Maintaining high-level of muscle strength
6) Maintaining high-level of energy and stamina

Goal Justification:
Other than the obvious vanity-related benefits, achieving and maintaining the best possible physical shape will help regulate hormones and detoxify my body, preventing illness and increasing the quality of life. Besides, it will be a continuous exercise in will power, focus, perseverance, discipline and self-control.

Current State:
I am already reasonably close to being in top shape, probably about 80% in. In terms of excess fat, there’s about half-an-inch of it around my waist. Overall look is reasonably athletic but has room to get more so. In terms of strength and endurance I’m at about 90% of capacity. Stamina could stand much improvement, ‘ripped’ look will take some work.

Goal Deadline:
July 2017, 15 months from now.

There are two major strategies:
1) Create an appropriate exercise regime, which will include vigorous strength and cardio training, with spot mass building exercises.
2) Implement the right eating habits, including adhering to a balanced nutrition, implementing a meals schedule and eliminating snacking and sugar intake.

I’ll like what I see in the mirror. I’ll get complimented no how I look. My body fat percentage will be around 15%. I will be able to easily do 3 group fitness classes in a row. I will be able to do an hour of interval training on a treadmill at top speed and incline. I’ll be able to swim 2km every morning, in addition to all other exercises.

Progress Measurement:
I will measure progress every 3-4 months: July, Nov 2016, Mar, Jul 2017
I’ll measure the percentage of body fat, the number of days a week I swim, the number of group fitness classes I’m able to do in a row and an estimated percentage of goal attainment.

Since I’m only answerable to myself, I don’t have to report to anyone. However, I would like to use social approval as a commitment device to encourage myself to stick with the goal. I will, therefore, publish the results of my progress on my Alik Barsegian Exposed Facebook page.

1. Conduct research into optimal training regimes
2. Create an exercise schedule based on the findings of the research
3. Conduct research into optimal nutrition
4. Create a two-week meals plan based on the findings of the research
5. Create reminders in my calendar to do the measurements and publish the progress