Sometimes It’s OK to Procrastinate

8Are you procrastinating? Is there something you keep putting off, burying under less important tasks?
There are two kinds of procrastination: good and bad. That’s right, there is such a thing as good procrastination.

Sometimes the timing isn’t right and we feel that intuitively, though we don’t always realize it. This kind of procrastination doesn’t cost us much energy as we are simply going with the flow.

Bad procrastination ties up large amounts of our life energy in useless struggle against ourselves. We can’t always tell the difference between the good and the bad procrastination.

To remedy this, do a tiny little chunk of the task that you’ve been putting off. If it starts flowing, continue until it’s finished. If it feels like your trunk is dragging on the asphalt, leave it alone for a while. In both cases you’ll be freeing up your energy and allowing it to flow.

It helps enormously to have an action plan prepared in advance, so you don’t waste time and are able to get on with the next most important task. If you are serious about your life, check out theĀ Create Your Own Life Plan workshop.

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