Where am I comfortable?

Comfort is the enemy of progress. Yes, Sir!

You cannot be comfortable and grow at the same time – you must choose one or the other.

Problem is, choosing discomfort is hard and counter-intuitive. We love to fool ourselves into remaining comfortable in many creative ways. I know my mind can rationalize anything, given half a chance, and I’m sure yours can too.

But rationalize all you want, moving forward, developing and growing in life can only be initiated from the position of discomfort. And if you feel like arguing with this statement, that’s your mind trying to rationalize it right there. (I know it’s a self-proving argument, but let’s not get technical 😉 )

self-motivationNow, short of getting into the medieval habit of self-flagellation, what can we do to prevent ourselves from getting stuck in comfort zones?

Here’s a helpful tip: comfort likes to hide in routine. Find the routine and you’ve found comfort. Break the routine and you’ve kicked your own behind into discomfort, where you don’t want to be. So you begin to seek new comfort and in that process grow, develop and move forward.

But isn’t routine good, I hear you ask. Aren’t there good routines, such as going to gym regularly? The answer is no, or rather not quite. Even your muscles will stop responding to the same stimuli after a while. You have to vary your routines and for that you have to break the old and create new ones.

Bottom line: identify your routines and break them regularly. Ask yourself ‘where am I comfortable?’, ‘what are my routines?’.

Mentally go through your week, day by day, hour by hour, and write down everything you do routinely. Then find a way to do things differently: brush your teeth with the other hand, wear your watch on the other wrist, take a new route to work, etc.

Breaking small routines will give you the skill and the confidence to break the bigger, more entrenched routines. It will clean up your energetic cobwebs and make life more exciting.

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