What would you do if money was no object?

Do you dream about doing something with your life, other than work and pay bills?

You don’t have to quit your day job to pursue your dream. You can start by having a ‘dry run’ of it in your spare time.

A dry run is when you run through your project in your mind, but you don’t just think of it – you record it.

Let’s say that you’re dreaming of opening your own boutique shop of some sort. What would it look like?

Write down a detailed description of the shop, down to colours of the walls, the shelving, the counter, etc. How are the products presented? What’s the lighting like? Is there music? What kind?

When you’re done with those, start asking more practical questions: what Point Of Sale software will you be using? What suppliers will you choose? Where will your shop be located? How much is the rent? Etc.

You could probably pre-do 90% of your project without losing the financial security of your day job.

That’s exactly what theĀ Accomplish Anything Like A Boss workshop is designed to help you do.
Now that is a smart approach!

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