The Easiest Way To Stop Procastinating

We all have things we have to do, that we’d rather not.
We all tend to postpone unpleasant tasks for as long as we can get away with.
We all know that’s it’s better to get tedious things done and over with sooner, rather than later.
We all struggle with the emotional barriers that prevent us from attending to things right away.

There is one easy solution to stop procrastinating: if you don’t feel like doing something, then don’t do it.
Instead, redefine the task in terms of one small step forward.

Your job isn’t to do your taxes, it’s to enter one day’s worth of receipts into your computer system.
Your job isn’t to clean the house but to just do the dusting.
Your job isn’t to write a report but to create an outline.

Now, that’s much more manageable, isn’t it?


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