Facebook Was Down, And People Responded By Memeing The Outage

The first thing you are going to need to learn is what does last seen mean on WhatsApp. Last seen for a user is the last time they were active on WhatsApp. This does not mean that the user should have received or sent someone a message.

  • You should know that turning off read receipts doesn’t work for group conversations.
  • This does not mean that the user should have received or sent someone a message.
  • The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.

Once you tap on Accept, WhatsApp Messenger app will start downloading to your Android Phone. Follow the steps below to download and Install the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store to your Android Phone. WhatsApp allows you to Chat, share Pictures, Videos and make free Voice Calls to your family, friends and Contacts located in any part of the world.

When the recipients opened the gallery within WhatsApp, even if not sending the malicious image, the hack is already triggered; the device and its data become vulnerable. Later, the vulnerability was patched in the updates. A report from Wired magazine stated that the attack could send malware to the targeted phone via video or voice calls, even if the user didn’t answer the call.

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When you block someone on WhatsApp, they stop seeing your profile picture, status updates, ‘Last seen,’ and more. Since they can’t see you anymore on WhatsApp, they can’t obviously text or video call you. This may not be the best way of monitoring someone’s WhatsApp conversations. If you http://www.whatsappapp.download/ accidentally read the WhatsApp messages, it will blow your cover as they will figure out from the blue ticks. The mobile version of WhatsApp has an option of ‘log out of the all browsers’.

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Facebook seems to have hit a snag on the desktop side too, as multiple users are reporting log-in errors. The entire suit of Facebook services including WhatsApp and Instagram is experiencing a global outage right now. A quick visit to Downdetector, website that reports such outages, confirms that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp indeed are down for users globally.

If you have sent a message and it only shows one check, there is a good chance that you have been blocked. Refer to the image below on how these check marks look. You may notice that the profile picture is missing when you call a number that blocked you. In addition to this profile picture missing, there are some additional things that you may notice. If someone blocks you and then changes their profile picture, you won’t see the new profile picture – you’ll always see whatever the image was when you got blocked.

Also, it is possible that your Contact had temporarily set All the Calls to be diverted to the voice mail directly and forgot to remove this setting. Calls going to the voice mail directly or being abruptly diverted to the voice mail after a single ring are generally considered to be strong indicators of a blocked phone number. 1.3.Next, try calling this contact a few more times and see whether your calls are being diverted to the voice mail, every time you try to call the number.

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